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Our network of more than 150 thinkers and doers from diverse disciplines and perspectives is spread across more than twenty countries around the globe.

Recent Recommendations for Policymakers

Our global network of scholars provides decisionmakers with actionable recommendations for addressing the world’s biggest challenges. Find some of the latest policy ideas below.

Bentley Allan, Noah Gordon, and Jonas Goldman argue the United States should use its development finance tools to promote clean energy manufacturing outside of China—and help partner countries in the Global South become more than sources of raw materials.

Read the full set of recommendations in “Building a Net-Zero World: How U.S. Finance Can Strengthen Clean Energy Manufacturing Abroad.”

Rachel Kleinfeld surveys the research on political polarization to outline how policymakers and philanthropists can help reduce polarization and strengthen American democracy.

Read the full set of recommendations in “Polarization, Democracy, and Political Violence in the United States: What the Research Says.”

Folashadé Soulé argues that for the recent U.S.-DRC-Zambia deal on electric vehicle batteries to be effective, it will require four further steps: concrete action, increase of technical capacities, clear benchmarks, and an oversight mechanism to monitor implementation.

Read the full set of recommendations in “What a U.S.-DRC-Zambia Electric Deal Reveals About the New U.S. Approach Toward Africa.”

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